Mary Magdalene; My Story

by Teresa Adams

There are many theories and legends revolving around Mary Magdalene, friend and companion of Jesus of Nazareth during first century Roman Empire. Was she a vile sinner or a saint? What is it about her that causes so many people to be drawn to her? Is it the ways in which she was so deeply human and yet just as deeply spiritual? After her first encounter with Jesus her life was changed. She followed him from town to town as he taught a new way of living. She washed his feet with her own tears. She stayed close by him as he was dying on a Roman cross. Among historical figures, her story is unique and serves as an original template for women as power persons who commuted with infamous grace from the profane to the sacred. The Magdalene’s story has been the inspiration behind subsequent female liberation, independence, and equality with men. Other historical figures have followed the Magdalene line, but none has taken the stage of world history by storm as this woman did.

In Mary Magdalene: My Story, Teresa Adams has written a convincingly realistic window into how the events of the Magdalene’s life might have played out so many centuries ago. Her intent was to include most what was known of Mary Magdalene’s life and as much legendary material as possible while still preserving the concepts of the spiritual revolution that she was so closely associated with. But what was this woman like before she met Jesus? What happened to her after Jesus was gone? These questions, among the many fascinating ones that Adams takes up in her work, are answered with provocative detail. As with most major figures connected to the life of the Nazarene, bold and intriguing legends about her still evolve and are renewed every day in places in the Mediterranean littoral, Europe, Africa, and the Middle East. It seems that wherever Christianity has taken root, Magdalene legends abound. This novel aims for the truth behind her life and hits it squarely within the confines of the real life drama in the Judean hills two millennia past.

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